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2. First German Lutheran Congregation of New Orleans (1840)
    Originally: German Orthodox Evangelical Congregation of New Orleans and Lafayette
    Formerly: First German Lutheran Congregation of New Orleans
    Presently: St. Paul Lutheran Church

About the records:
     1. Most of the original baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death records are held by the Concordia Historical Institute in St. Louis, Missouri.

     2. The records are online here:
     This website includes links to:
          a. The earliest records, 1840-1844, which are held in the Manuscripts Department of the Tulane University Library. These records are identified as being the records of the “German Lutheran Church (1838-1844), Collection 119.” These records were published in the October 2002 (Vol. XLI, No. 164) and January 2003 (Vol. XLII, No. 165) issues of New Orleans Genesis.
          b. The records that cover 1844 to 1947. (Records after 1947 are held by the church.)
          c. Histories of the church published on various anniversaries.

The records from 1844 to 1947 were microfilmed and are available at the Louisiana Division of the New Orleans Public Library or through any Family History Center.

     1. Louisiana Division of the New Orleans Public Library.
     Microfilms of the records are on three reels in the GS series and are listed under St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran, 1844-1947 (New Orleans). See:
     2. Family History Centers
     Search at for “Louisiana, Orleans” then click on “Church Records.”See:

The FHL microfilm numbers are: 534884, 544609, and 544610. The contents of the rolls are as follows:

FHL Film 544609
   Baptisms  1844 - July 1852  (pp 1-150)
   Confirmations  1845 - 1856  (pp 151-168)
   Baptisms  July 1852 - May 1856  (pp 172-334)
   Index to baptisms  (pp 338-397)
   Marriages  1845 - Dec. 1853  (pp 398-472)
   Index to marriages  (pp 473-501)
   Deaths  1854 - 1881   [nos 1-1319]  [not indexed]
   Deaths  1881 - 1947   [nos 1320-3592]  [not indexed]

FHL Film 0544610
   Marriages  Jan. 1854 - Mar. 1871   [nos 1-1558]  (pp 1-258)
   Index to marriages, 1854-1871  (pp 268-319)
   Index to marriages, 1871-1947  (pp 1-117)
   Marriages  Jan. 1871 – Dec. 1947   [nos 1559-3217]  (pp 1-443)
   Confirmations  1857-1947  [not indexed]

FHL Film 0534884
   Index to baptisms, 1879 - 1947
   Baptism records, Jan. 1879 - Nov. 1906   [nos 5612-8783]
   Index to baptisms, 1856-1879
   Baptism records, May 1856 - Feb. 1879 [?]   [nos 1-5611]
   Note: The index of baptisms covers up to 1947,
   however, the complete records end in November 1906.

Information about the history of the church can be found in the following in a variety of publications.:
     (1) Articles in New Orleans Genesis (vol 17, no 65, p 114; vol 17, no 66, p 219)
     (2) Histories of the church published on various anniversaries:
          50th Kurzgefaßte Geschichte der deutschen Evangelisch-Lutherischen St. Paulus Gemeinde U. A. C. zu New Orleans, La.  [A Brief History of the German Evangelical-Lutheran St. Paul Congregation U. A. C. of New Orleans, La.] (1890)
          80th Directory of the St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (1920)
          90th Souvenir Booklet of the 90th Anniversary of Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul's Church and School (1930)
          100th 100 Years with St. Paul’s, 1840-1940 (1940)
          135th Founded on the Firm Foundation (1975)
          150th Port & Burgundy: a pictorial history published in commemoration of the sesquicentennial of Saint Paul Lutheran Church (1990)
Most of the above publications are available online here:

The present church building was constructed in 1889, and is a contributing structure in the Faubourg Marigny Historic District, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Other names of this church:
     German Orthodox Evangelical Congregation of New Orleans and Lafayette (1842)
     German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of New Orleans [Schneider faction] (1843)
     German Evangelical Orthodox Church in New Orleans [reunited] (1845)
     First German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of New Orleans (1858)
     German Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul’s Congregation (1872)
     Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul’s Congregation, U. A. C., of New Orleans, Louisiana (1885)
     St. Paul Lutheran Church (1960)

Clergy who served the church up to 1893:
     Christian Sans (1840-1843); Christian Rudolph Korndörffer (1843-1844); J. E. Schneider (1843-1844); Christian Schrenk (1845-1848); Johann Jakob Bühler (1848-1856); Christian Gottlieb Mödinger (1855-1890); Gottfried J. B. Wegener (1887-1946).

Current affiliation:
     St. Paul Lutheran Church is today affiliated with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Current address:
     St. Paul Lutheran Church
     2624 Burgundy Street
     New Orleans LA 70117

Note: In 1888, the English-speaking members of what is today’s St. Paul Lutheran Church formed their own church, which they called First English Lutheran Church. This church still exists today. Some of their earliest records have been indexed in L'Heritage, the publication of the St. Bernard Genealogical Society. They include:

Births/Baptisms (1888–1925)
     HER 11.41:62 (+ 11.42:117 through 13.50:96)
Marriages – Marriage Book I
     HER 11.41:67 (+ 11.42:121, 11.43:206, 12.46:101)
Deaths – Burials, Book I
     HER 13.49:19 (+ 13.50:101)

Information about the history of First English Lutheran Church can be found in the following:
     History of the church published on its 100th anniversary
          A Centennial of Grace, Remember, Rejoice (1888-1988)

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