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Terah - Tôhwait

numbers show sibling ranking if known

Sorôgh - Melka Descended from
Tubal-Cain and Nin-banda through Hâm.
Nâhôr Iyosaka Senusret Nefert


Tera also known as (Biblical) Terah or Thara, Azer, Zarah or Athar. He became a father at age 70. He died aged 205 in Haran.

Relation (1) with Yâwnû also known as Yuna or Edna.


Tôhwait aka Nfry-ta-Tjenen.

Not mentioned in Genesis.

Relation (1) with Amenemhet I.


From this union:

(1) Sârâ first known as Sarai and later Sarah. The Tehâma (Palm Tree).

Relation with her halfbrother Abraham first called Abram and also known as Avram.