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Anu - Ki
Chaos-Chaos Chaos-Chaos Chaos-Chaos Chaos-Chaos
Chaos Chaos Chaos Chaos
  (1) Antum (2) Anu


Also called An or Anum. Great Father of the Sky.

Relation with Antum. Great Mother of the Sky. Senior sister to Anu.


(3) Earth Mother. Junior sister of Anu.
  (3) Ki    

From this union:

(1) Nin-Khursag also called Nin-Mah or Nin-Ki.

Lady of the Mountain. Lady of Life Nin-Tî. Lady Earth.

Relation with Enlil.

Relation with Enki.

(2) Enlil also called Ilu.

Lord of the Air and Earth. Guardian of the Table of Destiny.

Relation with Nin-Khursag.

Relation with Ninlil.

Relation with NN.