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Tubal-Cain - Nin-Banda
Methusael Lamech - Zillâh
Lamech Zillâh Naamâh A-bar-gi


(1) Tubal-Cain also known as Tôbalkin the Vulcan. Mes-kalam-dug. King of Ur. Hero of the Good Land. Ca 3200 BCE.

According to the Bible he made all kinds of bronze and iron tools: the first smith.

  (2) Naamâh    

From this union:
(1) Hâm aka Chem Zarathustra. Archon of the 10th Age of Capricorn.

Relation with Neelata-Mêk.

Hâm's descent through Cush:

Nimrod. From him descends Hagar who has a relation with Abraham.
\ /
Boethos aka Hotep-sekhemwy. Founder of 2nd Dynasty of Egypt.
\ /
Raneb aka Kaiehkos. King of Egypt.

His descendant Senusret had a relation with Nefert.

(2) Japhet also called Iapitis.

Relation with Adelensis.

Descent into Anatolia.