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In Loving Memory Of
Friends Who Have Passed Away
I will not forget you...
I have carved you
on the palm of my hand
Isaiah 49:16
My Memory Of A Friend
 I Think The Best Memory I Have Of Anybody I've Known That Has Past Away Would Have To Be Of My 7th Grade English Teacher, Mrs.Naomi Leisure. Man, Did I Give Her A Hard Time! I Think I Did Everything Possible To Get Under Her Skin, I Knew She Had To Hate Me. Then One Day After I Had Gotten Married And Had Children, I Ran Into Her While Trying To Enroll My Kids In Sunday School, I Believe She Was The Church Secretery,We Began To Talk And We Kept In Touch, She Even Kept My Kids For About A Week While I Went Into The Hospital. I Was Not A Religious Person And I Was Having A Great Deal Of Marriage Problems. She Ask Me  To Church With Her And Her Family And I Accepted. I Honestly Thought The Church Would Fall In On Me Because I Was Not A Very Good Person. As I Was Sitting There Beside Her, I Looked Over At Her And Seen The Tears In Her Eyes, It Was Then That I Realized This Lady Never Hated Me At All, But Had Been Praying For Me All Those Years. I Believe She Knew That Day Would Come!!!! She Passed Away June 13,1987 In Her Sleep From Heart Failure At The Young Age Of 46. Mrs.Leisure Became Very Special To Me And For That Mrs.Leisure I Dedicate This Page To You And All My Special Memories Of You. I miss You So Much.
 My Guardian Angel Shed Tears For Me, I Know Because I Seen Her.
 Until We Meet Again, My Friend.
In Memory Of....
Jeff Ritter... Dec 2 1957-Aug 1980 / Motorcycle wreck

Cindy Young... March 3 1959-May 1981 / Motorcycle wreck
Pat McNutt....  Oct 20 1959-Jan 25 1996 /

Terry Anderson.... Sept 29 1962-Sept 5 1994 / Hit By A Car

Donald E Powell.... May 4,1959-March 30,1986 / Gun-Shot
Billy Campbell.... Dec 1 1961-Aug 1987 / Car Wreck

Naomi Leisure....Aug 24,1941-June 13, 1987 (Passed Away In Her Sleep Of Heart-failure) 

 Jeaneane Clark....10 Nov 1958 - 26 Jun 1998 /  Committed Suicide

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