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      Gen 26:5  Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws.  Here we see that Abraham is said to do five (5) things.  (1). Obeyed My Voice;  (2). Kept My Charge;  (3). Kept My Commandments;  (4). Kept My Statutes;  (5). Kept My Laws.  Notice that the scripture states that Abraham kept His (The Father's) Voice, Charge, Commandments, Statutes, and Laws.  Never does it say that these were Commandments and Laws that belonged to, or were to be given to the Jews.  Yet today we hear folk refer to them as the Jewish Commandments and the Jewish Laws.

Now let us put this in a better light by understanding when this happened, and compare it with the time of the giving of the Laws and Commands on Mount Sinai.  This occurred when Abraham was but 70 years old.  That would have been the year 1948 + 70 or 2018 after Adam was created.  The Law and Commands were given at Sinai in the year 2448 which was some 430 years after.  Gal. 3:17  And this I say, that the covenant, that was confirmed before of God in Christ, the law, which was four hundred and thirty years after, cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect.

So we have confirmation in the book of Galatians that the Law was given exactly 430 years after Abraham received this same information that was received by Moses at Sinai.

In Genesis the 26th chapter and verse 5 we have a confirmation of the covenant made with Abraham and the results of his keeping the FIVE things listed above.  Originally Abraham's name was Abram spelled .  These letters are also numbers and from left to right we have the alef which is 1, the beit which is the number 2,  then 'resh' wich is the number 200, and lastly the mem sofit which is the number 40.  Putting them all together we can see that the name Abram totaled (1+2+200+40=243).

We know that God changed his name from Abram to Abraham.  Here is how Abraham is spelled in the Hebrew... .  As you can see God added one letter to his name.  Originally his name had four letters and now with one added Abraham's name has five letters and the letter than God added to his name was the 'hei' which is the number 5.  So when we calculate his name now it is (1+2+200+5+40 or 248).  In other words Abraham did five things listed about and as a result God changes his name from four letter to five letters and the letter he uses to change his name is the 'hei' which is the number 5.  He addred 5 to Abram's name and made it Abraham.

Notice now that Abrham's name ends with 48 and his birth year was 1948.  That number '8' is an all important number in scripture as we have explained in the Newsletters and other articles.  It was the number of souls saved on board the Ark.  It was the day on which the Israelites were commanded to circumcise their son's.  It is the last number in each of the years of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and so much more.

Not only did God change Abram's name but He also changed Sarai's name to Sarah.  Her  name was spelled with 3 letters, , which has the numerical value of 510.  So He changes her name to Sarah which is spelled in the Hebrew, .  As you can see what He did was to replace the last letter of her name, the 'yud'( ), which is the number 10 with the 'hei' (), which is the number 5.  Thus her name was changed from Sarai to Sarah and the number of her name was changed from 510 to 505.  

In effect what The HOLY ONE did was to Add 5 to Abram's name making it Abraham, and He subtracted 5 from Sarai's name making it 505 instead of 510.

We note that the four letter name for God in the scriptures that is not pronounced is ,yud, he, vav, he ().  The yud is 10, the he is 5, the vav is 6 and the he again 5 making a total of 26.  So we see that God, whose name that is not pronounced, is the number 26.  It is then note worthy that this information is found in the 26th chapter of Genesis and the 5th verse or sentence.

So we begin to see just how important the numbers are from the scriptures.  As we study we shall see even more of the importance of the numbers and how they relate to the information being given.