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St Paul's Episcopal Church

Lee's Summit, Missouri

The Historic St. Paul's Episcopal Church
1867 - 2010    144 years

St. Paul's is in Lee's Summit's Historic District
at Fifth and Grand streets.
The church is listed in the National Historic Register.

Come worship with us!

We are located on the "Five Corners of Lee's Summit",
where SE Green and SE Grand meet 5th Street.      

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Our History, the Where and When

1845 (1854 The Valley Farmer ) Journal ..."List of Letters Received at the Valley Farmer Post Office from Mar 20 to
April 30, 1845 " ---- "P.J.G. Lea, Big Cedar,"  (sic Dr.Pleasant John Graves Lea)

1854 The Valley Farmer Journal Vol IV, Page 407...."List of Letters Received at the Valley Farmer Post Office from
June 4 to October 1854 " ---- "P.J.G. Lea, Big Cedar,"

1854 the Kansas-Nebraska Act. It created the territories of Kansas and Nebraska, opened new lands, repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and allowed settlers in those territories to determine if they would allow slavery within their boundaries.

Six years before the first shots of the Civil War, the Missouri Border war broke out.
"Jayhawkers, Bushwackers, Border Ruffians, and Red Leggers, New Englanders, Pro-Slavers, and some just mean robbing ruffians, "created a clear and present danger to the families in the area of Jackson County, Missouri. This "War" would not end for several generations after the surrender at The McLean House near Appomattox Court House, Virginia on April 9th, 1865.

1855 July - List Of Post Offices in the United States with the names of Postmasters
on the first of July 1855. : Big Cedar, Jackson, MO ..................P.J.G. Lea
(sic Dr.Pleasant John Graves Lea)

1856 same as above P. J. G. Lea Big Cedar

1857 July l Post Offices of the United States with the names of Postmasters
on the 1st of July, 1857: Big Cedar, Jackson, MO .................Alfred. Lea

1857 - Feb 26 Jackson County Missouri, Courthouse. This marriage information may help historians understand why Wm. B. Howard chose Bessie Gattrell as one of the trustees or the St. Paul's Church land deed.

Rebecca (Bessie) M. Gattrell's mother was Annie Hinton, her mother was Elizabeth Strother Hinton, she was the sister of Wm. B. Howard's wife Maria Strother. There were strong ties between the Howards and the Gattrell families. They are buried in adjacent lots at Lee's Summit Cemetery. Annie Hinton Gattrell and Maria Strother Howard died while in exile from Missouri per Order No. 11.   Both widowers will return to Jackson County.

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Near Big Cedar, Prairie Township, Jackson County, Missouri
(Name changes over time.  Big Cedar P.O,  then a  Pacific Railroad stop called Lee's Summit, then the Town of Strother, and  Lee's Summit  today)

1861 The War of the Rebellion begins   (1861-1865)

1862 September 12,  Dr. Pleasant John Graves Lea was murdered near what is now 3rd Street and Main Street, Lee's (sic) Summit, MO

"Fiffty-five-year-old Dr. Pleasant Lea had moved to southeastern Jackson County in 1852, purchased eight hundred acres, and built a home said to be the finest house in the neighborhood.
    A neighbor reported that Lea had gone to the nearby home of Josiah N. Hargis* to obtain a newspaper. Some of Penick's **soldiers stopped him on the road; they broke both of his arms trying to get information about the guerillas, then they shot him. His home and thirteen others were burned that day."
* [The Josiah N Hargis House was located at 207 W. Third St. Lee's Summit Mo , a white two story farm, built in 1848 by the town's first banker. The Bankers magazine, Volume 24 August 1869 ]
*** [Col. William Penick's Fifth Missouri State Militia was so mismanaged even the Northerners objected to them. "Penick's Theives" only lasted one year before they were disbanded. "in view of the interests of the public service"]
Quantrill in Texas: The Forgotten Campaign By Paul R. Petersen

1863 - August 25 - Early settlers in the area that was to become Lee's Summit were forced to evacuate.  Many went to Western Kansas, Colorado, or in some cases their previous home area if it was safe, for two or more years.    The area became known as the "Burnt District". 

General Ewing issued Order No. 11,  "All persons living in Jackson, Cass, and Bates counties, Missouri, and in that part of Vernon included in this district, except those living within one mile of the limits of Independence, Hickman's Mills, Pleasant Hill, and Harrisonville, and except those in that part of Kaw Township, Jackson County, north of Brush Creek and west of Big Blue (sic Missouri River), are hereby ordered to remove from their present places of residence within fifteen days from the date hereof.

Those who within that time establish their loyalty to the satisfaction of the commanding officer of the military station near their present place of residence will receive from him a certificate stating the fact of their loyalty, and the names of the witnesses by whom it can be shown. All who receive such certificates will be permitted to remove to any military station in this district, or to any part of the State of Kansas, except the counties of the eastern border of the State. All others shall remove out of the district. Officers commanding companies and detachments serving in the counties named will see that this paragraph is promptly obeyed.

2. All grain and hay in the field or under shelter, in the district from which inhabitants are required to remove, within reach of military stations after the 9th day of September next, will be taken to such stations and turned over to the proper officers there and report of the amount so turned over made to district headquarters, specifying the names of all loyal owners and amount of such product taken from them. All grain and hay found in such district after the 9th day of September next, not convenient to such stations, will be destroyed."

More information on this
"Civil" War Event
can found here

George Caleb Bingham was appalled by the consequences of Order No 11 and wrote to General Thomas Ewing saying: “If you execute this order, I shall make you infamous with pen and brush". In 1868 Bingham painted a picture on Ewing's crime. Frank James commented: "This is a picture that talks."


Jackson County Jail 1857


William B. Howard was Jailed by Federal Forces in October 1862, then forced to take his family to exile in Kentucky.  Biography   (Click here)

The Civil War ends and the pioneers return.

1865 - Southern Pacific Railroad is now completed through Lee's Summit.
In a few years surplus wooden boxcars will be available for our St. Paul's founders.  They will use the recycled boxcar wood to finish the inside of the church.
"The interior is ceiled throughout with narrow stuff put on diagonally, the timbers above do not show"  from 1884 description.

1865 - June 23,  The last Confederate General surrendered ending the Civil War in the West.  Many landowners in Jackson County returned to their homes and farms after two or more years of forced evacuation.

Salvaged boxcar wood
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1865 - September  5 " William A. Gattrell arrived with two motherless children and a stock of goods purchased in Baltimore and St. Louis and entered into partnership with Charles Cowherd in their spacious building now the Journal Location" (by Dolly Breitenbaugh. Journal 1935)  [Note 1860 Census W. A. Gantrell [sic] was in Pleasant Hill P.O. , Cass Co., MO,  He would have left the area about 1863,due to Order No. 11 ].
1865 -
Mr Howard encouraged Dr. W. W. Miller to return from Kentucky.  He gave him 4 lots about E. Main and Miller Street.   Dr. Miller's daughter "Bettie" and his granddaughter Julie,  were active in support of St. Paul's Church.
Lee's Summit History
from Lee's Summit Journal
MEMO:  Post offices   The U.S Post Office names for this area
1865-1866, U. S. Post Office name was Lee's Summit.

1865 October  The MOPAC RR donated a railcar for the Post Office, railroad workers painted "Lees Summit" on the side of the Car.
 In commemoration to Dr. P.J.G. Lea as the first Postmaster of Big Cedar ...

"The mis-spelling was never corrected"
(a 1941 Missouri "A Guide to the 'Show Me' State" article is attached)


Was named for Dr.Pleasant John Graves Lea

MEMO: 1866-1868  U. S. Post Office name was Strother.  
1868 to current year  U. S. Post Office name is Lee's Summit.  
1865 October 28  - William B. Howard founded the Town of Strother by filing a plat containing the 11 blocks that currently encompass the downtown business district of present-day Lee's Summit. At the time of incorporation, the population count stood at 100 people.

" Mr. Howard laid out the town of Lee's Summit upon his own land, the original plat covering seventy acres. Of this twenty acres were divided into town lots."   "Mr. Howard has donated as many as twelve lots to the different Christian churches in Lee's Summit"    From pages 315-316 of "A Memorial and Biographical Record of Kansas City and Jackson County, Mo. Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1896, 667 pgs.   (Click here)

William B. Howard donated the lots in block 22 of the first addition for St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

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1865 -  December 27   Bushwackers attack  Missouri and Pacific Railroad Train
at Lee's Summit, Jackson County, MO.  They were beaten off.

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1867 -  The founding families gather to pray and give thanks.  They meet in homes and in donated space in the evenings. They begin to dream and plan for a church of their own.       "1867, Rev. Mr. Johnson held service, sometimes in the ball room of an old hotel,in little stuffy halls, up stairs, with horribly low ceilings, etc. We were also indebted later to our Methodist, Baptist, and Presbyterian neighbors for a place of worship."

 - November 4, 1868, the name  of the Town of Strother  was changed and the area was incorporated as the "Town of Lee's Summit".  Previously the Post Office for the location of what is now Lee's Summit was "Big Cedar"  Dr Pleasant J. G .Lea was postmaster.  

1868  - William A. Gattrell, 1817-1897
One of the Town of Lee's Summit founders, he was elected alderman in 1868. 
He was active in the St. Paul's Parish, as was his daughter "Bessie" Gattrell, his son Frank and Frank's wife Janie Donohew/Gattrell.

W. A. Gattrell ran one of the first dry goods stores.  "W. A. Gattrell and Co., on the corner of West Main and 3rd streets

1868 October 25 -THE Consecration of the Rev. CHARLES FRANKLIN ROBERTSON, D. D., to the Episcopate of Missouri, took place on the morning of the twentieth Sunday after Trinity, October 25th, A. D. 1868, at Grace Church, in the city of New York. Prayers were read by the Rev. JOSIAH P. TUSTIN, D. D., of the Diocese of Michigan, assisted by the Rev. SIDNEY CORBETT, of the Diocese of Illinois, and the Rev. JOHN C. MIDDLETON, of the Diocese of Connecticut.

Rev. Charles Franklin Robertson, S.T.D., as Bishop of Missouri 1868
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1870 -  "Daniel Whiting had been in the grain shipping business since his arrival at the close of the Civil War.. In 1870 he formed a partnership with Josiah Collins an together they erected the first and only grain elevator in Lee's Summit."   He buys his partner's shares fifteen months later.   He continued to upgrade and expand his businesses. History of Jackson County Missouri. Page 973
1871  The recorded beginning Of St. Paul's in Lee's Summit, Missouri.
1871 November 28  (St. Paul’s Beginnings)
 “At Night, Lee’s Summit, I took part in service and preached."   Journal of the Diocese of Missouri Annual Convention May 1872  The Rt. Rev. C. F. Robertson. S. T. D. Bishop

1871-1872 Published May 1872.  Rev Algernon Batte, Missionary,  Ard Hamilton,  Warden and Treasurer of St. Paul's in Lee's Summit Mo
 [ Ard Hamilton, a grocer in Lee's Summit. (1870 U. S. Census)]

1872 Lee's Summit, St. Paul's Mission. Mr A. Hamilton, Warden, Clerk and Treas.

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1872  August 8  Organized date for St. Paul’s Episcopal Mission ,  Lee’s Summit, Missouri)   Page ix  “Lee’s Summit , St Paul’s Original Organization 1872”    Listed in 1895 May 14,  6th Annual Convention of the Diocese of West Missouri, page ix


Rt. Rev. Charles Franklin Robertson, S.T.D., as Bishop of Missouri

1872 Oct 18  “Lee’s Summit”, I preached”    Page 5
1872 Oct 18   Consultations with Boards Vestries, Etc.  “Lee’s Summit” Page 60
1872 November 8,   Visit to St. Paul’s, Lee’s Summit.  Warden  is  A. Hamilton.

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1873  May 28      Page 59,  33rd Convention  
1873    April 16. Night, at Lee’s Summit, I preached, confirmed 5, and addressed them.   ”   Reference:  1873 May 28   Convention  Thirty Third Convention Rev C. F. Robertson, Bishop  Journal

Click Image for larger View

1873    Nov 13  Night, Lee’s Summit . I took part in the service, preached, confirmed
and made an address.   Page 50,     34th Annual Convention   May 26 1874.

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1874 Journal May, Rev. Algernon Batte, Missionary, Miss Bettie Miller, Treas.
Ard Hamilton ( Warden) is removed to Holden.    Bettie Miller is Ann Elizabeth Miller daughter of  Dr. William W Miller . Dr Miller lived on E Main at SE Miller St.

Dr. W.W. Miller born in Virgina about 1818.

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1874 -  Jeremiah Jones a widower, marries Lucinda M. Miller, the sister of Elizabeth M. Miller / Whiting,  (Mrs. Daniel Whiting).   Lucinda's  stepson, Erastus F. Jones, will marry her niece. Isabella Whiting  (Belle Jones).   Lucinda's  stepdaughter  Nettie A. Jones will marry her nephew Charles Daniel Whiting. Two generations of Whiting and Jones all active at St. Paul's Episcopal, Lee's Summit, MO. "Grasshoppers for five years -
Rocky Mountain Locusts"
1875 June 6  News Article:    Grasshoppers Invade Lee’s Summit - destroy crops and more.    Daniel Whiting is contributing time, money and material acquire and distribute contributions of feed and grain for man and beasts during the emergency in Prairie Township.
               There is a interesting family history that describes the actions some Jackson County residents took to save their horses and cattle during this Grasshopper invasion.   Worth a read for puts you there.  "
Great grandfather lived on a farm that had been purchased from the government about 10 miles south of Independence, Missouri. " . . . . "My great grandfather lived to be 89 and in 1916 he passed away as a result of a train striking him when he walked from the post office in Lee’s Summit and crossed the railroad tracks.   Click here:  search for "Big Cedar" or "Grasshoppers" 
William H. Hagan’s adventures on the Santa Fe Trail were taken from "Tails of Tragedy Trail"

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1875 Rt. Rev. C.F. Robertson, S.T.D.,Bishop
"1875, Nov 21 Lee's Summit, night, I said service and preached. "

1875 LEE'S SUMMIT MISSION. Rev. Joseph E. Martin, Missionary.
I hold service at this point once in three weeks. There is a good deal of life and interest in the Church. We have no edifice of our own and are compelled to hold our services in borrowed places of worship.

1876 Feb 29  -   Belle M. Whiting marries Erastus Jones  (This is Isabella M. Whiting a daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (nee Miller) Whiting  ( Erastus F. Jones son of Jeremiah J. Jones and Ann.)  These two extended families have been and will continue to be powerful support to St. Paul's for the next twenty plus years

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1877  -  “  Three women, who raised money by sewing carpet rags, founded Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in 1879. It took Elizabeth Whiting, Belle Jones, (nee Whiting )  and Bessie Gattrell seven years to collect enough money to turn those rags into the riches of a sacred space where 21st century worshipers still gather today.
1877 ca -   “- - - ladies began by forming a sewing society, and each gave five cents.  This was the starting point of the church fund.  Since then it has steadily increased.  The ladies held festivals when they could, took in sewing and when there was none to be had, they sewed carpet rags and sold them.  Some called it the carpet rag church.  It seemed impossible that they should build; and yet, now they have the handsomest church in town, and have great pride and comfort in it…The contractor was an honest man, and his work was constantly supervised by the ladies.  The consequence is a strongly built, neat and tasteful building.”  
 1878   -  by Rev J. W. Dunn, Missionary to St. Paul's, Lee's Summit, Missouri. 
"Lee's Summit. -   I officiated at this place one Sunday a month. We have no church building. The attendance on the services is remarkably good. The church members are faithful and zealous."

Published 1878 Journal of Annual Convention, Diocese of Missouri Episcopal Church   

1879 May 30 -  Tornado hits Lee’s Summit area

Daniel Whiting's farm is mentioned

If you have the time to read it, you will
know why there is a road named "Cyclone School Road",
it's close to Cowherd Road. Visit "Missouri Town 1855"
Cyclone School is now a "Historical" location.  No physical
markers remain.  Just names like "Old Cyclone School Road
and E. Cowherd Road

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1880     Lee's Summit City Clerk  -  Erastus F. Jones  (Husband of Belle Whiting Jones)

1881     Lee's Summit City Clerk  -  Erastus F. Jones

1881   "The Episcopalians hold services in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, ..."
(location at this time was E 4th and SE Greene, NW Corner )
The History of Jackson county, Missouri: containing a history of the county ...‎ - Page 345
Union Historical Company - Jackson County (Mo.) - 1881 -

1881  Episcopal Church
Bishop.—  The Rt. Rev. Charles Franklin Robertson, S. T. D., (1868). St. Louis.
Lee's Summit, St. Paul's (14), served from Independence.
The Episcopal Church Annual‎ Page 164 Religion - 1881

1884 May 24 News article St. Louis, MO, The Episcopal Convention Pastors and Delegates Engaged in Discussing Diocesan Affairs  "New church to be completed 1884,  Lee’s Summit" 
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1884 July 16  From the Ledger Book of William B. Howard.

Three     Trustees for St. Paul's Land ownership
(1)Elizabeth M. (Miller) Whiting is age 47, wife of Daniel Whiting,
their daughter ....(2)
(2) "Belle" (Isabella Maderith Whiting) Jones is 29, wife of Erastus F. Jones.
(3) "Bessie" is Rebecca Musgrove Gattrell, age 27 (never married) daughter of Wm. A
Gattrell & Anna Hinton. Anna Hinton is a niece of William B. Howard. (Anna's mother a
sister to his 1st wife.
Memo: William B. Howard's family attended St.Paul's Episcopal in Louisville, Kentucky,when he was a young man.

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1884 August - The August 15, 1884, edition of Church News described the building this way:    “They have let the contract for the erection of a frame church in Lee’s Summit, 40 x 24 feet and a vestibule 8 x 10 feet, 12 foot sides and 28 feet to the apex of the roof, with a belfry over the vestibule.  It is to be ceiled inside, and have stained glass windows.  The lot was given on which it is built.  The cost of the building is to be $1,060.  The business of collecting the money, making the contract and superintending the construction is in the hands of some very energetic and capable ladies.”     Spiritual leadership for building Saint Paul’s came from the Reverend. J. W. Dunn, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in nearby Independence.

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1884 November -  “In November 1884, the Right Reverend Charles Robertson, Bishop of the Diocese of Missouri, offered services for the first time in the new church during his yearly visit to Lee’s Summit.  Construction had been completed only a month or two earlier, and the church still lacked pews.  At the time, the Church News reported that the building cost a little over $1,100 with a debt of $200.    Five years later, on September 8, 1889, the Right Reverend Daniel Tuttle, Bishop of the Diocese of Missouri, consecrated the building and stated that is was cleared of debt.  
1885 On April 12, 1885, a fire destroyed the largest and most prosperous part of Downtown. The town was soon rebuilt and a number of these buildings still survive and are in use by merchants today.

1885  April 13  -   News Article  St. Louis Globe-Democrat , (St. Louis, MO) April 13, 1885; pg. 6; Issue 327; col G  Costly Conflagrations Lee’s Summit, Mo 
Damages to Edgar Whiting Blacksmith Shop, Gattrell store and others

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1886 September 3 – Rev. Tuttle The Famous Episcopal Missionary Assumes His New Charge

1886 Listing in the: Protestant Episcopal almanac and church directory - Page 108
St. Paul's, 15. Lee's Summit, St. Paul's, 17 (souls). J.W. Dunn.

Protestant Episcopal almanac and parochial list
Lee's Summit, St. Paul's, 17. J W Dunn
[1889 Dec 1 _ J W Dunn, resigns , Rev. J. R. Atwill has been appointed missionary. William Rogers Warden, C. H. Makin,  Treasurer, Miss Bessie Gattrell , Secretary Miss Julia Miller and Mrs. Sam. M. Long]

1886 December,  Bishop's Journal:

1887 December 14 - Lee's Summit Fire  "Lee's Summit a town of about five thousand people about 20 miles east of Kansas City on the Missouri Pacific road . . . . on Fire . ."
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1889  September 8, 1889, the Right Reverend Daniel Tuttle, Bishop of the Diocese of Missouri, consecrated the building and stated that is was cleared of debt.
St. Paul's Organized August 8, 1872
Consecrated September 8, 1889

1889     - St Paul’s Rev J. W. Dunn, Daniel Whiting,  Warden.   The  listing states:   Organized  1872 , Consecrated  September 8, 1889                                        
1890 February 15  St. Paul's Episcopal   Property assigned to:  Parochial Trust Fund  -  
!890 -1891 Missionary  The Rev. John W. Dunn

Committee  Daniel Whiting, Warden and Treasurer, Wm. Gatrell, Secretary

1895  March 22 - Bishop's Journal  " In the evening. at Lee's Summit, I took part in the service and preached.  Was assisted in the service by the missionary, Rev. J. W. Dunn." 

1896 April 30th. At Warrensburg, I addressed the students of the State Normal School. There were about 700 present a fine body of future   teachers.
     In the afternoon at Lee's Summit I was enabled by the kindness of Mr.Daniel Whiting to call upon nearly all the people. In the evening. I preached, being assisted in the service by Rev. J. W. Dunn.    - Right Reverend E. R. Atwill, D.D., Bishop of Diocese of West Missouri

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1897- January 13,  I officiated at the funeral of Mr. William Gattrell in Lee's Summit.- Right Reverend E. R. Atwill, D.D., Bishop of Diocese of West Missouri.    [ William Augustine Gattrell died Jan 11, 1897. ]  
1899   Annual meeting: Rev. J. W. Dunn is missionary.
The Committee is one person. Daniel WhitingHe is Warden, Secretary and Treasurer.
[Daniel Whiting dies 6 August 1900, burried in Lee's Summit City Cemetery, family plots are very near to the Whiting, Howard, Gattrell, Jones and oher early families of St. Paul's Episcopal.]

Note the Official organization date St. Paul's is Aug 1, 1872

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1899  June 27 A Funnel Shaped Cloud at Lee's Summit

Mentions  Daniel Whiting wheat field and Jerry Jones farm.

1899 December 1,  Rt. Rev. Edward Robert Atwill, D. D.,  Julia Miller dau of William W. Miller and wife Mary.  her sister had a previous position at the church Bettie (sic Ann Elizabeth) Miller.

1889 Dec 1 _ J W Dunn, resigns , Rev. J. R. Atwill has been appointed missionary.  William Rogers Warden, C. H. Makin ** , Treasurer, Miss Bessie Gattrell , Secretary   Miss Julia Miller and Mrs. Sam. M. Long

** Claude H. Makin from England in 1880, The Florence, Marion County, Kansas.  "Makin Brothers"  raised prize winning Hereford Cattle.  Both moved to Jackson County after 1896.  They continued as cattle breeders, by 1910 Claude is widowed and lives with his children (Harold and Helen), near Grandview.  He was buried in Lee's Summit Cemetery, May 1924. 
His wife, Alice M. preceded him in death. 

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1900 6 August  Lee's Summit, MO Daniel Whiting died. His widow Elizabeth M. and his daughter Belle Jones will leave Lee's Summit by 1907 and move to St. Louis.

1901 12th Annual  Council of the Church in the Diocese of West Missouri   page 88
Missionary—The Rev. John R. Atwill.
Committee—Wm. Rogers, Warden; Miss Bessie Gattrell. Secretary;
C. H. Makin. Treasurer.

1902  Archdeacon Mackinnon in charge of St. Pauls
Committee Wm Rogers, Warden; R.M Gattrell (sic "Bessie M. Gattrell" ), secretary; E. H. Graves,  Treasurer.


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  1903 May 12th 1903 Page 85
St Paul's Organized August 8, 1872
Consecrated September 8 1889
The14th Annual Council of the Church in the Diocese of West Missouri

     Archdeacon Mackinnon in charge  Committee  Wm Rogers, Warden: R. M. Gattrell, Secretary (sic Bessie); E. H. Graves , Treasurer



1903-St. Paul's as built in 1884
Basic 40 x 24 Building.

40 feet by 24, with a porch in front 8 by 10 feet Click Image for larger View

1903   C.H.. Makin was the Treasurer of St. Paul's Episcopal, Lee's Summit. MO 1889 to 1903Claude H. Makin and his brother Charles arrived in 1880 from England. The "Makin Bros." were famous for their Herefords. Settled first in Florence, Kansas, after nearly thirty years, moved near St. Paul's, in Lee's Summit, then before 1910, moved to Grandview.  Claude is buried in Lee's Summit Cemetery.)

Dear Bess:                            Grandview, Nov 4, 1913
"----Washington Township is trying to beat Prairie, which contains Lee's Summit.   I hope we can.   Mr. Ikenbury is the man who is having the fair for the benefit of the farmers.   I am going to borrow a cow and see If I can't win ten dollars.  
Mr. Makin is pasturing the finest Hereford cow I ever saw, here.   There is ten dollars offered for the best cow.   If I enter her and win, there'll be ten dollars toward a show or diamond ring.  Twenty-five premiums like that might get a real pretty one. - - - "
                        Most Sincerely, Harry

Dear Bess: The Letters from Harry to Bess Truman, 1910-1959 -
by Harry S. Truman, Bess Wallace Truman, Robert H. Ferrell Page 142
1904 The church has electricity for lights now. Womens Guild Minutes; "Total on hand $4.71.
In Motion the Guild instructed $4.71 amount of cash on hand to be paid Mr. Rittenhouse for Electric Lights for Church."  October 11, 1904.
 -- June 1906 the electric light bill was $1.44
  1905  - Rev. R. R. Diggs becomes new minister

1905     -  The first expansion took place in 1905 with the addition of the chancel, where the pulpit now stands, and the sanctuary, the area where the altar now sits.  Since boxcar siding was unavailable, the wood used over the altar area to cover the ceiling and walls was chosen to blend with the original boxcar siding in the rest of the building.

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1905 Addition
Click Image for larger View    
  1905 Listing in the: Protestant Episcopal almanac and parochial list - Page 128
St. Paul's, Lee's Summit,

22. (souls) , D.G. Mackinnon


1906  - Rev. W. H. Haupt becomes new minister.     
                        1884 Description;
"The church is frame, 40 feet by 24, with a porch in front 8 by 10 feet, with a bell tower extending above the roof. It is strongly and well built, with a solid stone foundation, which is so high in the rear of the church as to give room for a cellar for wood.The interior is ceiled throughout with narrow stuff put on diagonally, the timbers above do not show."

"The interior is ceiled throughout with narrow
stuff put on diagonally, the timbers above do not show."


Lasting beauty.
It helped the building flex and breathe.
Click Image for larger View
1906 Year ending   LEE'S SUMMIT. (Jackson County.)
ST. PAUL'S. Organized 1872.
Missionary, The Rev. W. H. Haupt, Independence. Mo.
Warden, E. H. Graves; Secretary, Fred Campbell; Treasurer, Willis Browning; Vestrymen, Wm. Rogers, J. C. Rittenhouse, Frank Miller, Frank Gattrell.
Families. 12; souls, 30; baptized persons (infant and adult) in cure, 30; communicants (male 2, female 10), 12; burials, 2; celebrations of the Holy Communion (public 12, in private 1), 13; public services (exclusive of celebrations), 52; sermons and addresses, 52; church building; seats (all free), 100; title to the property in parochial trust fund; salary promised by Mission, $100.00; salary paid to April 30th, $100.00; salary received from Diocesan Missionary Board, $100.00.
Parochial: Current expenses (including all salaries), $200.00; other expenses within the Parish, $25.00. Total, $225.00. Diocesan: Diocesan assessment, $10.00; diocesan missions. $10.00; bishop's purse, $5.00. Total, $25.00. Total expenditure for all purposes, $250.00. Value of church property: Church and grounds, $1,000.00; other property, $70.00. Total value of all Parish property, $1,070.00.
1907 -  Rev. J. W. Barker becomes new minister

ST. PAUL'S. Lee's Summit, (Jackson County) Organized 1872.
Missionary, The Rev. J. W. Barker, Lee's Summit, MO.
Wardens, E. H. Graves, William Rogers; Treasurer, Mrs. F. Gattrall.

Families, 12; souls, 30; baptized persons (infant and adult) in cure, 28; communicants (male 2, female 10), 12; communions made at Easter, 8; burials, 1; celebrations of the Holy Communion (public), 2; public services (exclusive of celebrations), 10; sermons and addresses, 9; church building; seats (free), 100; insurance, paid in full; no rectory; title to the property in Parochial Trust Fund; salary promised by mission, $175.00; salary paid to April 30th, $19.58.

Parochial: Current expenses (including all salaries), $19.58.
Diocesan: Diocesan assessment, $10.00. Total expenditure for all purposes, $29.58. Value of church property: Church and grounds, $1,000.00: other property (organ), $70.00. Total value of all Parish property, $1,070.00.

A subscription of about $700.00 has been raised, chiefly among outside citizens, to repair the church, and the work is now being done.  Journal of the ...   Annual Convention of the Diocese of West Missouri  By Episcopal Church Diocese of West Missouri.

1907 -  Annual Journal   " I visited Lee's Summit and inspected the improvements upon the church building.  (first Addition)

1907 -  Erastus F. Jones, Belle Jones and her mother Elizabeth Miller/ Whiting are in St Louis
 Two of the three women mentioned as pioneer founders of St. Paul's are no longer in Jackson County, Missouri.

Bessie (Rebecca M.) Gattrell, her brother Frank H. and his wife Janie Donohew are still members of St. Paul's.  All of this group have named positions in the church.   Janie Donohew  married  Frank H Gattrell   30 Aug 1892,  Jackson  Co., MO

1907 Transept and apse are added,
St. Paul's is now
 cruciform shaped.

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1907-1908 May   St. Paul's, Lee's Summit, Jackson County, MO
Bishop:  The Right Reverend Edward Robert Atwill, D. D.

The organized date is 1872.   Missionary: The Rev. J. W. Barker, Lee's Summit, Mo.
Wardens: Wm Rogers, E. H. Graves**,
Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. F. Gatrall (sic Gattrell),  Lee's Summit, Mo.    

** Eugene H. Graves m Fannie K. Cowherd 27 Jun, 1889, Jackson Co., Mo.

1908  May 12  -  The Nineteenth Annual council of the Diocese of Kansas City   

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1909 The organized date is now 1879 (changed  from 1872)
[ Another possible typographical error on the Lee's Summit list is the surname "Traves" sic Graves]
For the June Journal, (1908-1909 year)  no Missionary on the report.  Wardens: Mr. William Rogers and Mr. E. H. Graves.  Vestrymen: Messrs, Traves (sic Graves), Macon and Rogers.
Families, 10, souls 12 .   Title of property held by Rector, Wardens and their successors.

Page 99 & 100  , 20th Annual Council of the Church in the Diocese of Kansas City.

1910  - Rev. Oscar Homburger becomes new minister
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1910 Erastus F. Jones, and his wife Belle (Isabella  Whiting )/Jones are in St. Louis also his mother-in-law Elizabeth M. Miller/ Whiting, (widow of Daniel Whiting) Census, St Louis , 427 Clay Ave.  
1910  November 25 St. Louis City Elizabeth M. Miller Whiting died of Pneumonia , St. Louis, MO.   Place of burial is Lee's Summit, MO.  
1910 Bessie Gattrell  single living with brother and sister in law Lee's Summit
R M Gattrell, Rebecca Gattrell, or "Bessie"

Her brother and her sister-in-law  are active in  St Paul's.

1911  22nd Annual Council Diocese of Kansas City
Rev. Oscar H. Homberger Missionary to St. Paul's Lee's Summit

1911  - Rev. Arthur Griffin becomes new minister

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1914  - Arch Deacon Edward C. Johnson takes charge  
1916  - Rev. Carl Reed Taylor becomes new minister  
1927  - Rev. Rev Donnen Ellis Strong becomes missionary minister.  
1932 - Rev. Sears F. Riepma becomes new missionary minister.  
1934 December 5 ,  Rebecca Gattrell died (single no issue) Died in Kansas City, Mo  
1935  - Rev. William A. Wise becomes new minister
1935  - Rev. W. A. Driver replaces Wise as new minister
1937 March 20 Frank Gattrell died   
1940 - Rev. Harold Whitehead becomes new minister  
1949 - Rev. Ed Simms becomes new minister  
1951- Rev. Conley Scott becomes new minister  
1952-1953  1952 -1953 " Fr. Picaaithly after his retirment as rector of Grace Church in Westwood, NJ, officiated at services at St. Paul's during 1952 and 1953. During that time he baptised ten children and presented nine for confirmation. He was much beloved by members of the congregation, and he especially remembered for his initiation of the Building fund later used in building our parish house. " St. Paul's Church bulletin  
1954 - Rev. Donald E. Becker  becomes new minister

1954 June  21 Janie Donohew / Gattrell died (Mrs. Frank Gattrell)   Buried Lee's Summit, MO

1956 - Rev. Elton O. Smith, Jr.  becomes new minister

1956 - Ground is broken for the Parish House 
1957 - Parish House was dedicated. 


History of St. Paul's -1957 Newsletter

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1957 - Parish House view from Grand Street.   The first kitchen and eating area with restrooms was added.
1958-   New Roof on the 1884 Church - Treasurer's Report for 1958 - Jan 10, 1959  
1959 -   January 15   "The Rev. Elton Smith was elected the first rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church at the parish meeting. Members of the congregation elected a vestry, the governing body of the church, marking the emergence of St. Paul's as a fully organized parish. Members of the vestry are: W. W. Browning, Robert Meyers, Howard Adams, Dr. William Bell, Arthur Heffelfinger, Terry Johnson, M. H. Linscott, Max Marshall and C. W. Witter."
 From Jan 15, 2009 Lee's Summit Journal, 50 years ago today column.
1962 -   Rev. Philip Toll Brinkman  becomes new minister  
1968  St. Paul's Episcopal  Rev. George G. Greenway, Jr.   (June Marriage record  )

1968  Parish Hall was completed on the North side of Parish House.

1968 St. Paul's
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1970 -   Rev. Richard E. Mason  becomes new minister

1972-   Rev. Richard E. Mason is Rector and Priest  (1972 Church Directory)

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1972-   View of St.Paul's  - from 1972 Church Directory
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1973 - 1989 -  Arthur A. Vogel, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri.  
1977 -  Fall   Rev Robert Newyear is St. Paul's Rector  
1978 to1981 The Needlepoint Kneelers Project
In the spring of l978, members of St. Paul's Episcopal, Lee's Summit, MO, organized a group of interested parishioners to look at kneelers made in other Churches in Kansas City.
     They researched what others had done and came up with a plan.They decided to use flowers in keeping with the Victorian mood of the 1884 church and to repeat the oak leaf found in the stained glass.
      In October of 1979, the stitching began.  By Easter of 1981, a year and a half later, the last piece was finished. Each canvas was blocked and sent to the upholsterer.
    The kneelers were dedicated and first used on Sunday, June 14, 1981, Trinity Sunday, a little more than two years after the planning began.
     Placed in position at the Altar rail, kneelers from left to right include flowers and plants mentioned in the Bible. They represent the Old Testament on the left and the New Testament on the right.   

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of Kneelers

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1984 -   St. Paul's celebrates Church Building Centennial.
"The Oldest Church still in use in Lee's Summit"   The document on the right has an accurate description of our Gothic Revival style church.  A complete "Statement of Significance is also on the form. 

 "St. Paul's Episcopal Church was originally constructed as a simple frame structure with the necessary components which identified it as a church. Its design was influenced by the Gothic Revival style but also by the physical and financial restraints of the builders and parishioners. The architect was the Rev. Mr. Scheetz. A former railroad engineer, Scheetz had become an Episcopal priest by the time
of St. Paul's construction." 

National Register Of Historic Places. - U. S. Department of the Interior Registration Form

Has description, significance, map, floor plan, exterior and interior photos
Click here,  be patient, a large file
5 to 10 seconds to load
1984 -   July 15  Ceremonial ground-breaking for new Parish Hall Addition.
1984 -   August 28 - Parish Hall addition began.  Education Wing added to old Parish House and Parish Hall.    Rev. Robert Newyear Rector.
1885 - August Newsletter Rev. David Laird Barclay is interim Celebrant

1986 -   March  Rev. David L. Jefferey  becomes new priest.

1986 - Rev David l. Jeffery. (Newsletter)
"The new pipe organ (if a 1930's vintage can be called "new") is in pieces scattered throughout the building. It will be installed in August.
Oddly enough, we really had a good time together moving in that monster."

The organ was dedicated Sunday November 2, 1986.


1987 -   Rev. Peter VanZanten  becomes new minister  
1989 - 1999  -  John C. Buchanan, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri.
John C. Buchanan
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1990 - January 1,    Rev. Gerald A. Skillicorn is the new minister.   
1991 - August 23    Aerial  photograph of St. Paul's. 


August 23, 1991 Aerial View
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Then we grew again     - The Disciples’ Hall was added  to Education Wing. 2007 Fall, Aerial View
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1995  St. Paul's Episcopal Rev. Richmond Thweatt, interim Priest.  
1996 July Rev. Henry Cheves, Pastor.  
2000  January 8 - Barry R. Howe,
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri.

Barry R. Howe
2000 July 30  Rev. David With, Pastor  (interim), July 30, 2000 - May 26, 2002  
2002 - June 1   The Rev.  Mark McGuire, Pastor
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2008  -  May 25 The Bishop's annual visit.  The Right Rev. Barry Howe Celebrated the Holy Eucharist upon his Annual Visit to St. Paul’s, Sunday, May 25th.The Service began with the Blessing of Disciples Hall, the Organ, the Cross and Altar.
Disciples Hall - May 2008
2011 - On Saturday March 5th, 2011, The Rt. Rev. Martin Scott Field was ordained and consecrated to be the 8th bishop of the the diocese of West Missouri.  
2011 - June 4, The Rt. Rev'd Martin Field assigned the Rev'd Nancy Nevins as Deacon to St Paul's Episcopal Church, Lee's Summit, MO.   S
                About our worship services . .

St. Paul’s Church celebrates four worship services that offer Liturgy of the Word with Holy Eucharist. Two of the services are offered Sunday mornings at 8 and 10 o’clock in our 1884 historic church.  The third service is conducted 5:30 Saturday evenings in the newly refurbished addition to our facilities.  Additionally, St. Paul’s Church celebrates a midweek Eucharist at 10:00 a.m., Wednesdays, in the chapel at John Knox Village.

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Office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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2008  St. Paul's Episcopal, Lee's Summit, MO

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