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Old Testament
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New Testament
The following topics appear as "first-person accounts" as if the Bible characters were telling their own stories. The perspective is that of the author, Beverly Whitaker, who creates similar style biographical sketches for a variety of women. She does oral presentations about presidential wives, social reformers, missionary ladies, literary women, historical notables, ancestral sketches, and women in the Bible.

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With written permission, you may use one or more of these scripts as an
oral presentation. Contact Beverly Whitaker, 4318 N. Baltimore, Kansas City, MO. State the group for whom the presentation is to be made, along with the date. Enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope or send your request by e-mail: using the subject line: “Women of the Bible.”   Read the sketches by clicking on the links in the charts below.
Women of the Bible
NEW >>   If  you don’t see the Bible character among those listed on this page, I encourage you to study the Scriptures and ponder the significance of the lives of other women in the Bible. Then write your own sketch, just as others are doing. The authors of the following have given permission for you to share these stories as oral readings.

          Mary, Mother of Jesus             Mary of Bethany                 Eve    
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