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Invoking Animal Medicine Powers

The wisdom of the native, tribal and ancient peoples of the world teach us that Wolf and Ant, Eagle and Mouse, Dolphin and Sparrow have great medicine powers. Animals will share these spirit gifts with us, if we but ask. Many tribal peoples consider the animals as our wise grandparents, for they evolved before us and witnessed our own evolution.

The last few hundred years prove how destructive we humans become without the guidance of our animal forebears. It is now time to renew our ancient bond with the animal clan, and to walk once again in the protection of their wisdom and their guidance.

Native and tribal peoples call upon particular Animal Spirits to fill them with their empowering energies. We can do this too. This is often called "invoking." Invocation is a form of prayer we use to call the powers of various animals into ourselves. When we invoke, we actually invite the spirit of the animal to live within us or be very near us for a while, so that we might share their power.

When we pray to or invoke an animal, we are actually appealing to the spirit of the entire species. For example, when we invoke Wolf, we call in the wisdom, experience, power and understanding of all wolves who are living or who have ever lived.

A very simple way to invoke an Animal Spirit is to simply visualize and call upon it. For example, perhaps you need to become more adaptable and clever. You might visualize Fox and say something like, "Fox Spirits, I am calling to you. Live within me and fill me with your cleverness." Some people find it helpful to look at a picture or statue of the animal they are invoking.

We can also invoke animals by emulating them. for instance, if you are invoking Wolf, you might Howl as Wolf and then call upon Wolf to live in you. Here is an animal invocation I use. You could use it or, better yet, create your own:

Wolf Invocation

Wolf Spirits, I am calling on you.
Wolf Spirits, be here now!
I need your help to be loyal and free.
Wolf Spirits, live in me!

This rhyming invocation lends itself to calling all kinds of animals by changing it a little. For instance, you could call Cat by changing the last two lines to: "I need your grace and mystery. Cat Spirits, live in me!" or you could call Horse with: "I need your strength and stability. Horse Spirits, live in me!" and so forth. Always give thanks when you are done.

Invocations do not have to rhyme. Another example of how to invoke might involve visualizing, deep breathing and emulating the nature of the being while speaking simply in your own words. Perhaps you are feeling lost, literally or figuratively. Eagle does not get lost, because she flies higher and higher in order to see with great clarity over long distances.

Eagle Invocation

Invoke Eagle by first visualizing Eagle, then breathing deeply.
Now close your eyes and become Eagle.
Spread your arms like wings and call like an Eagle...
Then ask the Eagle Spirits to enter you, to live in your heart,
to help you find your way and see clearly...
Thank Eagle when you are done.

You can invoke briefly, even in public places. For example, visualize Eagle, breathe her into yourself and quietly ask her to come to you with her powers.

If you should be feeling aimless one day, you might invoke Beaver to fill you with a sense of purpose. You might say something like, "Beaver Spirits, live in me and fill me with the power to work towards my goal." If you are frightened, invite or invoke a courageous animal like Bear or Lion to enter your heart and fill you with courage.

One way some tribal peoples invoke or invite the Animal Spirits into themselves is to adorn themselves as the animal they're inviting in and then dancing or moving as that being. We can do that, too.

Our adornment might not be as elaborate and our dance might not be as formalized, yet we can still honor the Animal Spirits and invite them to live in our hearts so as to empower and enliven us. So instead of an entire Bird costume, we might wear a feather and then move and dance as Hawk to invoke Hawk's powers of soaring freedom into ourselves. Or you might want to invoke the independence, grace and mystery of Cat into yourself. You might paint whiskers on your face and cut out pointed cat ears and put them on your head. Then, as a friend beats a drum, or you provide your own rhythm with a rattle, you might move and dance and feel yourself become Cat. As you move, you also can make cat sounds or call out a verbal invocation, e.g., "Cat, I honour you! Cat Spirits, live in me that I might be graceful, mysterious and free!" Or perhaps you seek physical power and strength. You might then dance Horse into yourself by moving and whinnying as Horse. When invoking and Animal Spirit in this manner, really let yourself go and you will feel the nature being you've called upon filling you with its particular energy and powers. When you are done, sit or lie down and see whether there is a message for you from that animal.

To sum up, you might invoke by visualizing, calling to or moving like that animal, or by anything that helps you identify with the animal you wish to invoke, so that you may take on their qualities and powers.

Finding Your Sacred Clan Name

When you begin to study about, meditate upon, invoke and honour animals you may find that a particular animal keeps showing up in your life in one way or another. For instance, you might find that wherever you move, Crow is always around. Or you might find Crow feathers on the ground quite often. Or you might find that Bear comes to you often in your dreams.

When this begins to happen, it is not a coincidence. All humans belong to an animal clan. However, our culture does not realize this, and so we go about our lives unaware of our animal totem. Begin to pay attention, because your animal clan has been calling to you and inviting you to join them all your life.

When you do think, by knowledge of the heart, that you have discovered your clan, you can try on their name. If it feels right, then that will be your sacred name. For example, all my life I have dreamed often of dolphins, been very attracted to them, read and learned all I could about them. Then one day in Florida I found myself swimming with two wild dolphins. By this time I had studied the medicine teachings of tribal peoples and knew that this was an important event. I opened my heart to get a message from the dolphins, who told me I was of their clan. That is why my sacred name is Dolfyn.

The biggest mistake people make when trying to discover their animal clan is to ignore their own clan in the hope that a more "romantic" animal will invite them into their clan. As I hope you will see in this booklet, all animals have great medicine powers. Do not ignore Sparrow in the futile chasing after Wolf or Eagle as your clan. You do not choose your animal clan, they choose you.

Once you have taken on a clan name, then you will receive all the medicine powers of that animal. But with power and medicine gifts come responsibility. Your animal clan is your family and you must protect it any way you can. And, of course, never eat your clan members!

Native peoples sometimes acquire more than one clan membership in a lifetime. If this happens to you, you might change your sacred name, but you never stop belonging to your previous clan namesake. You belong to both clanes, deriving benefits and taking responsibilities from and for both.

Finally, it is alright to try a sacred animal name if it feels right to you, and then to realize you were mistaken and drop the name. For instance, a friend of mine was convinced that he was invited into the Coyote clan. He briefly took on the name Coyote, but he was wrong. It just didn't feel right. He is still mesmerized by Coyote, and perhaps some day he will be honoured by membership in the Coyote clan. In the meantime, he is quite content to realize that he is a member of the Beaver clan. So try on an animal name if you have a strong feeling that this could be your clan, and be open to dropping the name if it doesn't quite fit. Then try on another when the feelings are strong that this might be your clan.

Giving Thanks, Giving Back

Finally, when we use or tap animal spirit powers it is important to give thanks to the animals we have invoked. It is also very important to treat animals on the earth plane with respect and caring. We do not tap the enrgies of Eagle and then do nothing to protect Eagle. For instance, farming pesticides destroy Eagle's offspring by weakening the eggshells. We can buy or grow organically grown food in order not to support the pesticide industry that threatens Eagle. We are missing the point if we invoke Fox and then buy a Fox fur coat.

We must educate ourselves about how we can give back to the animals. For we seek true friendship and alliance with the Animal Spirits, and we realize that we are part of the circle of life -- of giving, receiving and giving again. At the end of this booklet you will find addresses of groups and associations that help animals.

Invoking Specific Animals

Ant - Ant is a tireless, patient worker who cooperates with her tribe in perfect unity. Ant is more than a scavenger, surviving on crumbs and bits of leaf. She is a steward, a farmer and a herder. Some ants grow a fungus that they harvest, store and eat, some ants herd an insect that they bring out during the day to feed, bring inside the ant hill at night and "milk" for its sugary liquid. Invoke the ancient medicine of Ant for patience, the ability to work hard and harmoniously with others, and the wisdom to plan carefully.

Antelope - Shy and usually silent, with a sharp sense of hearing, smell and sight, Antelope will freeze when he sees an enemy. His colouring blends in well with his surroundings and if he stays perfectly still he will not be detected. Antelope's medicine is the wisdom to remain still. Call upon Antelope to help you develop mystic awareness through silence, meditation and contemplation.

Armadillo - When Armadillo senses danger he curls up into a tight ball. His close fitting armour plates close tightly, effectively protecting him from danger. Armadillo stays in this pose for as long as is needed, even when a predator rolls him about. Invoke Armadillo medicine when the best course of action is to go within yourself until the danger or the crisis is over. Invoke Armadillo to set up your own psychological or spiritual boundaries when needed.

Badger - Badger is a very aggressive and totally fearless fighter. When Badger bites an enemy, she hangs on firmly no matter what happens. Invoke Badger for courage, fighting spirit and persistence. In spite of this small warrior's fighting heart, Badger makes surprising alliances with other animals. For example, Badger is lead to honey by Honey Guide Bird. Badger then breaks open to hive so both can eat. Badger medicine is all about forming alliances with many different people and species so that all can fully benefit.

Bat - Bat sleeps during the day and hunts for food at night. Unstead of seeing whit her eyes, Bat "hears" her way around by sonar echolocation. Invoke Bat's medicine powers to be able to hear messages from dark recesses of the psychic realm and to develop occult abilities, psychic powers and positive magic. Tribal peoples also invoke Bat medicine powers for rebirth and initiation.

Bear - Just as Bear sleeps in her den during the winter, so does she teach us to go within when we face an emotional winter, to seek knowledge through meditation and to search for wisdom in our dreams and in our stillness.. Bear is also revered for the medicine gifts of healing, renewal, psychic powers, and the ability to grant shamanic powers to humans who honour her.

Beaver - Beaver lives in sturdy lodge of mud and branches and builds many entrances and exits to the lodge to avoid being cornered. Those who feel trapped can invoke Beaver medicine for the inspiration to find alternative ways out. Beaver builds canals that allow her to swim from pond to pond. Invoke Beaver medicine to open new channels of thinking within ourselves and to bridge channels between other. Also, we call upon Beaver medicine for the power to build anything -- dreams, security, a home.

Bee - While many animals are harbingers of sprintime, Bee actually helps create spring by pollinating flowers. Bee is a very hard worker, concerned with the welfare of her complex hive society, which runs smoothly because of excellent communication between al members. Invoke Bee medicine for communication and the ability to work hard while still enjoying the nectar of life.

Bison - American Indians relied on Bison for food, clothing and shelter. The Lakota tell how White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the sacred pipe to the people and taught them to pray. Bison medicine opens us to prayer and leads us to seek peace with others. Although Bison was nearly hunted to extinction by the European settlers, Bison herds (although much smaller) have returned. Therefore we also invoke Bison for endurance.

Blackbird - In spring Blackbird can be heard whistling from dawn till dusk. Blackbird builds a nest carefully, with great attention to detail, and raises up to four groups of nestlings each season. Blackbird medicine inspires us to lay a sturdy foundation for our own dreams and creative visions so they can be properly nurtured, safely hatched and eventually fly on their own strong wings.

Bluebird - Folk wisdom informs us that Bluebird brings happiness, joy and contentment. All birds are messengers to the Great Spirit. Therefore, whenever you see Bluebird, ask for happiness and your prayer will fly to Sky Father on the wings of Bluebird.

Blue Jay - This boisterous and lively bird is bursting with energy and zest for life. Invoke Blue Jay for these medicine gifts.

Boar - Wild Boar is one of the most fearless, aggressive and ferocious fighters of all living beings on earth. We can invoke Wild Boar medicine for courage, assertiveness and protection. Many peoples from ancient cultures believe Wild Boar to have healing powers. Invoke Wild Boar for wit, cleverness and alertness.

Bull - Bull's medicine gifts include strength, power and also fertility, since he can impregnate large harems of cows. Many peoples recognize bull's medicine gift of bringing rain, because Bull's thundering hooves call the Thunder Beings. Ancient Egyptians realized that Bull's strength, thundering hooves and capacity for destruction made him sovereign over earthquakes. Bull is invoked for passion, fertility, power, rain, leadership and protection.

Butterfly - Many cultures link Butterfly with the spirit realm. Some native peoples believe that when we sleep the soul assumes the shape of a butterfly and leaves the body. we experience the freed spirit's flight as dreams. Because Butterfly achieves a remarkable transformation from larva to caterpillar to Butterfly we invoke Butterfly medicine for self-transformation and spiritual growth. Butterfly is also associated with healing and the courage to change.

Camel - Camel is an expert at conservation. Camel can go for up to ten months without water. Then, when water becomes available, he can drink up to thirty gallons in a very short period of time. Camel's medicine powers are about endurance, conservation and stamina. We can invoke Camel for these attributes.

Cat - In Egypt, Bast, the Cat Goddess of pleasure, joy, amgic and sensuality was worshipped and revered. Cat is invoked for independence and the ability to go one's own way and yet find comfort and love. Cat has long been linked with magic. Invoke Cat to increase our mystic powers, for just as Cat sees in the dark, so does she grant us psychic vision. Cat's medicine powers also include grace, understanding mystery, cleansing and purification.

Cheetah - Cheetah is the fastest land animal on earth, sprinting up to sixty miles per hour! Cheetah runs so fast because her long, flexible spine allows her to make very long strides. The medicine lesson that Cheetah teaches is that often, when we want to progress quickly, we need to stay flexible. Situations change and we must be willing to change with them. We invoke Cheetah medicine when we need to accelerate our material or spiritual progress.

Cougar - Cougar hunts at night, relying on stealth, surprise and cunning to catch her prey. All cats are invoked for psychic and magical medicine gifts. Cougar is also invoked for cunning and wit.

Coyote - Although the habitats of most predators are diminishing, Coyote's territory is expanding because of Coyote's amazing adaptability and cunning. American Indian legend tells us that Coyote is the great trickster of the Animal Clans, attuned to humour and fun. Call upon Coyote for all these qualities. But beware, for Coyote might also enjoy playing a trick on those who invoke him. Invoke Coyote (if you dare, for his medicine is erratic and mischievous) for humour, adaptability, cunning, survival ability, and wit.

Crane - Crane's courtship dance is a highly ritualized ceremony which reduces aggressiveness and bonds the couple in love and trust. We can invoke Crane for the medicine wisdom to create and use rituals and ceremoniess of great beauty and meaning in order to connect us with others and with the spirit world.

Crocodile and Plover - Crocodil'e large teeth are endangered by leeches who attack her gums, thus endangering her one great survival gift. Therefore, Crocodile will open her mouth and wait for her ally, the Plover. This little bird hops into Crocodil'es mouth and eats the leeches. Although Crocodile eats birds, she never harms Plover. We can call upon Crocodile and Plover medicine to help us form alliances with people who are very diffent from us, and to help us find allies where and with whom we least expect.

Crow - The ancient Celtic tribes associated Crow with magic. He was revered in Ireland as a truth teller and the Native American Indians include Crow as an important mythical figure, sometimes as Trickster and sometimes as Law Giver. On a mundane plane we know Crow as an assertive bird who is very successful at survival in many varied locales. Invoke Crow for magical powers, psychic abilities, boldness and an intuitive knowledge of universal laws.

Deer - Deer is always on the alert. when danger does approach, Deer departs quickly and gracefully. Deer medicine teaches us to be immediately aware of anything that is not good for our emotional, spiritual or physical well-being, and if the situation warrants it, to exit gracefully but quickly. Also, because male Deer sheds and regrows his antlers, Deer is invoked for the ability to cast off the old, as well as the medicine gifts of regeneration and renewal.

Dog - Dog medicine is similar to Wolf's in loyalty and courage. But the greatest Dog medicine is about unconditional love, which is the strongest healing power in the universe. Call upon Dog for the ability to love unconditionally, for this is the highest spiritual love. Dog is always alert for danger to his family and for invasion of his territory. Dog teaches us to stand up for and defend that which is dear to us, whether it be people or ideals.

Dolphin - Dolphin is the most intelligent animal on the planet. some dolphin clans travel together in groups of a thousand or more. Members cooperate in fishing and get along well with each other. Dolphins love to touch and caress each other. They touch with flippers or swim belly to belly. People who swim with Dolhins in the wild often report great emotional healing from Dolphin's unconditional love. Invoke Dolphin for wisdom, the ability to love unconditionally, harmony and communication.

Dove/Pigeon - Many cultures recognize Dove's strong love medicine. Dove is monogamous and very loving towards his mate. In their long courtship they express their gift of romantic love by spending hours running their beaks through each other's feathers. The male feeds choice tidbits to the female. Pigeon is closely related to Dove and has the same lifestyle and medicine gifts. Invoke them for romantic love, loyalty, peace and innocence.

Duck and Drake - Female Duck is a very protective mother, attending to her brood and teaching the young to swim and search for food. We can invoke female Duck for nurturing, mothering energy. Once a year male Duck loses his bright plumage and is unable to fly. At this time he silently hides in the reeds and plants that grow near the water until he emerges able to fly once again. Male Duck is invoked for the medicine wisdom to go within, withdraw and be silent when we go through difficult transitions and stressful changes.

Eagle - Eagle is recognized for his strong weather medicine. As a bird who flies among the storm clouds, he can be prayed to for rain. Eagle is invoked in many cultures for power, healing, courage and fortitude. Eagle is known for his ability to help us open our soul to spirit quests and to soar to great spiritual heights. Many shamans and medicine men and women call upon Eagle to help them develop their shamanic powers.

Elephant - Elephant has a fine memory, excellent ability to learn and a long lifespan. Tribal peoples invoke Elephant for health, good luck, longevity, memory and intelligence. Elephant is the largest land animal. Elephant medicine power helps us get in touch with the collective subconscious memory, which is a source of great wisdom. Just as Elephant visits the burial grounds of her ancestors to stand in quiet contemplation, so do we invoke Elephant to rediscover ancient memories including our previous lives on earth.

Falcon - The most specialized of all birds of prey, Falcons are unerring hunters. Their extremely rapid flight allows them great maneuverability in the air. Falcon is a very discriminating bird, eating only what he can take in the air. This restraint is why Falcon can be trained by humans for hunting. Falcon medicine is invoked for unerring accuracy, success, rapid progress and restraint.

Flamingo - Flamingo's annual migration is among the longest of any creature's on earth. For survival reasons she travels in large flocks, mostly at night. Flamingo wisdom is invoked for those who journey far, whether the journey be physical or spiritual.

Fox - Fox is very clever and adaptable. He eats whatever is available in his locale and knows how to get the most out of every situation. If Fox lives near the ocean, he fishes. In an area rich in fruit, fruit becomes 90% of his diet. Without fruit or fish he eats worms, craftily hunting for them right after it rains. Fox is alert to every opportunity. Fox grants those who honor him the medicine powers of cunning, adaptability, resourcefulness and wit.

Frog and Toad - Frog's familiar song is associated with rain, for frogs and toads must lay their eggs in moisture. Many tribal peoples pray to Frog and Toad during drought. Folk wisdom tells us that dreaming of Frog means good fortune and if Frog visits your home you will find romance. When you see or hear Frog or Toad, close your eyes and visualize prosperity. Then give thanks to Frog or Toad for calling forth the healing, life-renewing rain.

Giraffe - Giraffe reaches for the heights. Her long neck allows her to get the vegetation that others cannot reach. Giraffe is one of the most successful and widespread vegetarians of the African savannah. Invoke Giraffe medicine powers for the inspiration to reach the heights in whatever you do, and call upon her for success.

Goat - Goat medicine is about the determination to climb to the summit and the wisdom to leap over or butt away all obstacles in his path. Invoke him for the ability and willpower to get to the top. This sure-footed animal is also playful, mischievous, earthy, lusty and known for his ability to digest and glean nutrition from almost anything. Call upon goat for all these medicine powers.

Gorilla - Gorillas are gentle at heart. Violence is avoided whenever possible. Gorilla beats his chest in order to settle differences. Gorilla's medicine is about being gentle unless provoked, and the being able to stand up for one's self with drama and power. Gorilla is a conservationist, for he will not denude a feeding area of vegetation. He leaves enough for regrowth to occur. Gorilla's wisdom can be called upon to inspire us to take care of Earth Mother so that we use Her resources in a life-supporting, renewing manner.

Grouse - Grouse medicine is about the sacred circle. Grouse moves in a stylized circle during courtship as he beats his wings rhythmically to add drumming to his ceremonial dance. Grouse medicine is the healing wholeness of the sacred circle or medicine wheel. The sacred circle symbolizes abundance and completion. To invoke grouse medicine, walk three times in a clockwise circle and then call upon Grouse for fulfillment of your wishes and dreams.

Gull - Gull is an excellent and effortless flyer. She flies with almost no effort at all by working with the wind. Invoke Gull for her ability to soar through life with ease and effortless achievement. Assertive and courageous, Gull misses no opportunity for a meal, as all beachgoers know. Invoke Gull medicine for the wisdom to observe, act swiftly and take advantage of all opportunities.

Hare - See Rabbit.

Hawk - All of the bird clan are messengers to the Great Spirit, but Hawk is the greatest messenger for she is the greatest of the flyers. Just as Hawk can travel swiftly from earth to the heavens to relay prayers from the earthbound, so can she bring spirit messages back from the realm of the Sky Spirits. When you see Hawk, raise your arms to her and call out your prayer. She willdeliver your message to the Great Spirit swiftly. Hawk has excellent eyesight. Invoke Hawk medicine for the ability to see far, with perspective, and to open your spirit to inner visions and wisdom.

Hippopotamus - During the day Hippopotamus lolls about in a river or watering hole. She spends her nights on land, foraging for food. Water is the element of feelings and intuitive knowing and earth is the element of grounded practicality and stability. Hippo is at home in both realms. Hippopotamus medicine is invoked by those who wish to be in touch with their intuition, feelings and psychic abilities while staying grounded, practical and stable.

Horse - Horse is among the strongest of all the animal clans. Just as Horse has great physical power, so does Horse medicine instill those who invoke and honour him with the ability to tap their own inner power. Horse has a very wide field of vision because of the way his eyes are placed in his head and his excellent eyesight. We can invoke Horse to broaden our vision and widen our horizons.

Hummingbird - Hummingbird is associated with romantic love, passion, joy and luck. Hummingbird darts from flower to flower in search of nectar and teaches all who honour her to let in the beauty of life, the nectar of love. This tiny bird is surprisingly tough and aggressive, often driving away larger birds. Invoke Hummingbird for indomitable energy and the ability to tap great power from within. When you see a hummingbird, ask to be granted the medicine powers of luck, joy, openness of heart and romantic love.

Jaguar - A large cat who loves to swim, Jaguar will actually hunt in the water and will often go after Alligator. All cats understand occult mysteries, but Jaguar, as a cat who loves water, is especially attuned to the mysteries of the subconscious mind since water is the element of subconscious wisdom. Invoke Jaguar for the medicine power to hunt in the deep waters of the subconscious.

Kangaroo - Kangaroo leaves the womb while still a fetus and climbs upward over the mother's belly, through her fur and into the pouch. Blind, pulling itself with tiny undeveoped buds that will someday be limbs, Kangaroo fetus makes this remarkable journey to safety. Invoke Kangaroo for the courage to go forward when one is feeling weak, and the ability to win against all odds.

Leopard - Leopard hunts at night. Her extremely long and sensitive whiskers are ideal for her night time activities. Leopard medicine is about feeling one's way in the dark. We can call upon Leopard for the ability to understand the mysteries of the darkness, the subconscious, the shadow aspect of our innermost selves.

Lion - Lion has always been associated with the Sun God. Lion's glorious yellow colour is that of the sun, and Lion's beautiful mane is likened to the sun's rays. In ancient Egypt, the prowess and greatness of female Lion was recognized and worshipped as Sekhmet, the Sun Goddess, a powerful Lioness deity. In size, strength, cooperative hunting and living, and sheer power, no member of the Cat Clan can match Lion. Invoke Lion medicine for strength, vigor, courage, luck, nobleness of spirit, medicine power and prosperity.

Lizard - Lizard is the distant ancestor of the Bird Clan. Long ago a great transformation took place as a small lizard exchanged scales for feathers, forelegs for wings, and flew into the waiting arms of Sky Father. Therefore, Lizard's medicine power is about hope and transformation. Lizard can let his tail fall off when caught by a predator and then regrow a new tail. Invoke Lizard for the ability to let go of the old and also invoke him for regeneration, renewal and growth.

Lynx - Less is known about this secretive cat than about other large cats. Lynx is very mysterious. She lives in wilderness areas of North America. All cats are keepers of mystery powers, but Lynx is the most secret keeper of the deepest mysteries. Only well-balanced people should work with Lynx medicine, for it is very powerful. Meditating upon Lynx inspires us to be subtle, to know when to keep silent, to develop magical powers, to get in touch with that which is elusive, rare and beautiful within us and without.

Manatee - The gentle, placid, slow moving Manatee is so trusting, serene and calm, she will let humans approach her and pet her. Invoke Manatee medicine for gentleness, serenity and trust.

Meerkat - Meercat is a member of the Mongoose clan. This little animal lives in the Kalahari desert and is the only social animal on earth with absolutely no hierarchy. All of the clan live in total and pefect unity. In their harsh desert environment the Meercat tribe sticks together, for united they can stand against snakes and other predators much larger than themselves. We invoke Meercat to find our own devoted community of like-minded people and to inspire us to live in peace and perfect harmony with each other.

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Brother Wolf, Sister Ant -- We Are All Related

Here is a brief, partial list of organizations and associations to help and protect animals. For just as we appeal to the spirit powers of animals for wisdom, power, health and happiness, so do we steward and protect animals in return.



Earth Island Institute

Center for Marine Conservation


Friends of the Sea Otter